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Equation Editor

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CKEditor v4

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Welcome to the private implementation of the CodeCogs Equation Editor for CodeCogs. Users not associated with this organisation are not authorised to use this program or the webservices provide by this site.

The CodeCogs Equation can be used in a wide range of circumstances to create beautifully formatted mathematical equations using the LaTeX markup language, including:

  • Integrate the editor with WYSIWYG editors (e.g. CK Editor). See links on left to and example on the right.
  • Embed the editor within exiting pages. Example implemention using this server are shown by the examples on the right. Read more on
  • Simply add equations directly to your page using the the latex you know. Read more on

Thank you for using

Example Implementation using the CKEditor

The CodeCogs Equation Editor is launched by pressing the fx button.